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Shatsk region - the nature of 30 lakes

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The territory of Shatsk community is a unique place in Volyn region which borders on Poland and Belarus. On a relatively small area there are 30 lakes, which together constitute one of the largest lake groups in Europe. The biggest and the deepest of them is Svitiaz (2622 hectares, depth 58.4 m), which was recognized as the winner in the nomination “7 Natural Wonders of Ukraine”. The water in the lake is clean and clear, because it is situated on the territory of Shatsk National Nature Park. What is more, there is no source of pollution nearby.

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Other lakes are Pulemetske, Luky, Peremut, Liutsymer, Pisochne, Ostrivianske, Krymne, Somynets, Velyke Chorne, Moshne, Male Chorne, Dovhe, Plotychchia, Kruhle, Klymivske, Ozertse, Karasynets, Lynovets, Herasymove, Pyiavochne, Navrattia (Zacrynnie), Zvedynka, Rytets, Velyke Pishchanske, Male Pishchanske, Chakovo, Oleshno, Prybych, Nakonechnytske. The lakes are surrounded by ancient forests, which occupy almost half of the area of Shatsk territorial community and are famous for their unique representatives which are listed in the Red Book: flora (43 species), fauna (82 species). Moreover, 7 rivers flow through the territory of the community, including the Western Bug and the Prypiat. The nature of Shatsk region is a unique combination of lake, forest and swamp ecosystems. The nature of the lake complex has no analogues in Ukraine.

Фото без описуPicturesque natural landscapes and mild climate are favourable for resting, so the land of Shatsk lakes attracts tourists at any season of the year. In summer it is the best place for a family rest on the shores of the lakes: swimming, sunbathing, kitesurfing, rowing and tasting local delicacies. Cycling, hiking and car tourism are also developing here. In autumn there are a lot of mushrooms in the forests of Shatsk, and in winter everyone can go skiing and skating or enjoy winter fishing.

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Tourism is actively developing on the territory of Shatsk lakes, so a lot of cottages and tourist basis are built. Local citizens and entrepreneurs invest money in this sphere, because it is the most promising kind of economic activity on this area. There are noticeable changes in the infrastructure of tourism: roads and sidewalks are built. The embankment of Lake Svitiaz has become modern and nice. It is one of the most favorite places for both Ukrainian and foreign tourists. The realization of a large infrastructure project “The improvement of ecological situation in Shatsk National Nature Park by sewerage of settlements around lake Svitiaz “ on the territory of community is almost completed. Its implementation will help to improve the quality of drinking water, create proper sanitary conditions, give impulse to civilized development of tourism industry, and in general, help to improve the ecological situation and preserve valuable natural complexes.

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The level of tourism culture is also rising. Different youth music festivals are held in the village of Svitiaz and other settlements. Sports competitions such as beach volleyball, football, bocce and mixed martial arts take place on the shore of the lake. A lot of tourists enjoy visiting the Donut Festival in summer and in winter they come to the residence of St. Nickolas.

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There are a lot of tourist bases on the territory of the district, the largest number of them is concentrated on the area “Hriada”. There is also a sanatorium “Lisova Pisnia”, a boarding house “Shatsk Lakes” and tent camps.

The richness and diversity of natural resources and recreational opportunities in the community can be the basis for the creation and functioning of kinds of tourism, in particular hunting, fishing, cognitive, equestrian, religious, sports and water.

Фото без описуIn addition to tourism, agriculture is developing on the territory of Shatsk community. The cultivation of berries, in particular blueberries is very popular. Nowadays there are over 400 hectares of the plant. These berries contain a lot of antioxidants that prevent the development of cancer, heart-vascular, ocular and skin diseases. The enterprises engaged in growing blueberries, are focused on ecological product. So, Volyn blueberries are known not only on the markets of Ukraine, but also all over the world.

Фото без описуOur land with unique nature, hardworking people and glorious history has excellent prospects for development in many areas. The implementation of plans and capacity building are impossible without an active business position of internal and external investors. We understand that attracting of investment to the local level will be an indicator of stability and success of our territory, so we are working to create favourable conditions for business. We invite potential investors to visit Shatsk community and discover new opportunities for investment!

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